Texas school districts trying to comply with SB4545 tutoring law say it has been a ‘logistic nightmare’.

Recently the Texas Standard published an article highlighting some of the issues with the new SB4545 Texas tutoring law. Several educators and administrators have said that the “requirement is impossible to meet”.  Article

Emily Donaldson, the education reporter for The Dallas Morning News underscored the difficulty of trying to tutor more than 2 million Texas elementary and middle-school students who failed state assessments last year. There are thousands of high school students who also failed similar assessments and must take millions of hours of tutoring. 

The new law requires any student who failed one of their State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) exams to have 30 hours of tutoring. Donaldson explains “for those who fail multiple exams, that could mean over 100 hours of tutoring in a school year.” 

Since teachers are not allowed to pull students out of class for tutoring and due to the major teacher shortage, Donaldson said complying with this law has become a “logistic nightmare”. 

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