With Father’s day around the corner, we wanted to dedicate this blog to one of our favorite dads at Papaya, Vincent Salgado. The team tells me how surprised they are that he sits through his son’s class and stays with him. That’s dedication… that’s love! Having someone you trust introduce you and/or be there with you while you experience something new is key to your development as a child. (related article here)

3 easy steps to introduce your little ones to tutoring

  1. Create a good environment for your kids to access the virtual tutoring session. This can range from loaning your child your office, setting up some space at the dining or kitchen table, or some space in their bedroom. We do understand that not many people have the luxury to have their own bedroom, but as long as your son or daughter has a space with certain hours of quiet to allow room for a good study session, that makes a  big difference.  
  2. Create a ritual for the student to get in the zone. We all know that even as adults it is hard to get in focus mode, and little interruptions make us waste valuable time and it becomes difficult to get back in the zone. 15 minutes prior to class, have your child set up his or her station, all the notes or homework they want to review, and get them to write goals for the session. Do this at least 10 times until a habit is created. This is not only going to help your son or daughter get the most out of this tutor, but it is a good habit to have as an adult for life. 
  3. Introduce your child to the tutor. We see a lot of success for the little ones (ages 6-9) when they are introduced to their virtual tutoring session by their parents. It helps them build rapport with their tutor, and it also helps you (as the parent) set expectations for the tutor and class. If you read the article in the link above, it shows that your kid will have more confidence exploring something new and different because they know you (the parent) are around. 

Vincent, the team at Papaya see everything that you do, and we admire your dedication. Happy Father’s Day! Here is an article that Benjamin can see when he grows up <3

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