Fostering Teacher Resilience 

As we wrap up Teacher Appreciation Week 2022, I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to teachers across the globe. Resilient is the key word I use to describe you. You bounced back stronger, wiser, and more tech savvy. You never gave up on your craft and especially the students. So many barriers and challenges came across your path. Not only did you personally overcome these challenges but professionally you made sacrifices to help children pivot, flourish and continue to grow. Thank you for understanding how to balance social, emotional, and academic development. 

What a difference you make not only to a child’s life but to our future. Thank you for your selflessness and for playing such an integral part of our community. The influence you make on a child’s life is significant by fostering optimism and confidence. You are a gift to children with your patience and time.

Reflecting on my role as a former principal, I found out that there is no curriculum program as important as the teacher. I truly believe that teachers are “the program”. Teachers work endless hours to prepare differentiated lessons that are engaging and rigorous in spite of any basal. They know when to pivot in a lesson and how to manage flexible grouping.  Now more than ever teachers need our support. Not only for classroom resources, but emotional support as well. They need to know they are appreciated and needed. So I challenge the community to reach out and thank a teacher today. Here are two of my favorite simple ideas that can make a big impact.  

  1. Record a video of your child saying thank you to their teacher and email it to them.
  2. Leave a voicemail for your child’s teacher expressing your gratitude for all they’ve done this year.

At Papaya, we believe in fostering the resilience of teachers by providing support to students’ academic and emotional development, enhancing STEM skills, and strengthening student confidence.

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