Featured Mom Of The Year 

Being someone who does not have children or even a pet to care about, to me the love and care that a mother exudes for her children is something my brain cannot comprehend. Moms, you would rather prioritize your children, your families, and almost everything before yourself. The position you have taken in this world is an underrated one. Your love is usually taken for granted because you are supposed to care, but I have never seen a dad care as much even when both parents have full time jobs. How is that when a mom cares so much it is taken for granted, but when a dad does it looks like he is a superhero? Mothers everywhere, you are the super hero! Today and every day should be your day! If you are reading this, it is a sign to tell your mom “Mom! Thank you! You do way too much for me, and I do not appreciate it as much as I should” We all know that Moms are one of the best and underrated jobs in the world. You all do so much, so for this Mother’s day, we wanted to feature one of our EPIC Papaya moms, Judianne Golden.

Judianne went to Georgia Tech for her undergrad and earned two masters in Higher Education from Purdue University Global. Her parents both worked in education (her own mom is a highly respected national leader in Education) and inculcated in her the importance of school for her success. She is now the lead for Hispanic American Recruitment at the one of the world’s most admired companies, Accenture. Her passion is to bring STEM programming and opportunities to all, especially underrepresented communities!

Through her job, she sees first-hand the financial and career advantages that people with a tech background are getting. So what did she do? She enrolled her two young daughters with Papaya to get them ahead of the curve. Judianne emphasized the importance of multilingual education to students of all ages and asked us to combine our STEM offerings with our tutors’ unique skills of being bilingual in order to help her children grow and thrive in their school’s two-way dual language program. Teaching STEM in Spanish had never occurred to us, but it is such a brilliant idea! Our tutors are Engineering and Medical students in Latin America, so the ability to teach in both languages is one of the ingredients of our secret sauce.

She now has a daughter who at just 10 years old knows Python coding, which is around the same age that Bill Gates started to code! She also has another 8 year old daughter who is practicing Spanish while learning Science with her Biology graduate tutors. Had it not been for Judianne, we wouldn’t have created this forward-thinking type of program as an option to parents. Why not immerse your child in the beauty and benefit of practicing STEM in Spanish? You have the option of receiving the education in Spanish, English, or both and you can tell her thank you for this feature! 

The reason why Judianne became our mom of the year 2021/2022 is because of the care and dedication she has for her girls – despite the lack of time. She is always telling us what we can do better, and how to do that. She is an innovator at heart, and has referred us to so many moms that are now helping her children because of her. 

Judianne is our superhero! Not only is she a mommy with a full time job, 2 daughters, but she also is the vice president at the Florida Parent Teacher Association and part of the Dual Language committee at her daughters’ school. 



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