Back to School with Papaya Tutor

Papaya Tutor wants to do our part in welcoming students back to school in August and September by offering a Back-To-School special. Every summer there is a learning loss and students will start at lower academic achievement levels than they did in the beginning of summer break. According to Brookings “seems summer loss and summer gap-growth occur […] universally across geography, grade level, or subject.” Lower income and students of color tend to be more affected by learning loss. Papaya Tutor is here to help all students with learning loss. With that in mind we are running the following specials: 

  • Any new users can receive one hour free with a minimum of 5 hour a month purchase of either Python Programming or Spanish Science Courses. code is PYTHON-1-HOUR
  • All other Papaya Tutor courses new users can get their first 30 minute session for free 

Python is one of the most important and fastest growing computer languages in the world. We can teach your child starting at the age of 8 years old. There are many articles that highlight why Python is an important first computer language to learn. Here is an article that has 10 reasons why students should learn Python. –>

It is the mission of Papaya Tutor to transform students’ lives with world class STEM tutoring. Money should not be an obstacle to helping students make gains in critical subjects like math, science or technology. 

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